Image of Intense Moisturizing Herbal Balm -Goldenrod & Stinging Nettle

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Intense Moisturizing Herbal Balm -Goldenrod & Stinging Nettle


An Intense moisturizing balm in a tube! Uses are numberable such as, itchy, dry, cracked skin that is so easy to apply. We chose two herbs to help moisturize and soothe these problems -Goldenrod & Stinging Nettle, both wild harvested by us!

It is said that Stinging Nettles (Urtica dioica) helps with joint pain, muscle soreness, itchy skin, cracked & dry skin, insect bites.

It is said that Goldenrod (Solidago canadensis) helps with minor skin wounds, reduces inflammation, relief of muscle spasms, skin irritations such as dry itchy and cracked skin. It also is said to relieve pain in joints & muscles.

What a combination of these two powerful herbs we put in this moisturizing balm!
We infused extra virgin olive oil & organic canola oil with the Stinging Nettles and Goldenrod. We used Shea butter for extra moisturizing, beeswax and it is unscented! To use: dial up the tube and apply to the problem area, massage into skin.