Herbal Bath Oil - Goldenrod 8 oz., and 4 oz.

$4.94 - $12.99

Soothing bath oil with benefits of our herbal infusions -Goldenrod in extra virgin olive oil. we are adding new fragrances each week. Made with extra virgin olive oil - infused with whole Goldenrod sunflower oil, polysorbate 80 -an emulsifier, fragrance.

Goldenrod Herb

Good for skin

The anti-inflammatory effects of goldenrod have long been known by herbalists. A few clinical trials on Chilean goldenrod (Solidago chilensis) have confirmed that topical use can decrease pain. Another study compared a medicine made with goldenrod, aspen bark, and ash bark to common NSAIDs. They were found to be equally effective.
To Use: Add about 2 oz or preferences of personal amount, to bathwater. Soak as long as you can 20-30 minutes is best. CAUTION - Bath surfaces WILL BE slippery, be CAREFUL GETTING IN OR OUT OF TUB!